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The Technical Rescuer – Rope Rescuer Level II level shall have the abilities to complete an assignment while suspended from a rope rescue system: manage the movement of the victim as the rescuer in a high-angle environment: function as a litter tender in a high-angle lowering or hauling operation: direct a team in the removal of a victim suspended from rope or webbing: direct a team in the construction of a system intended to move a suspended rescue load along a horizontal path and to move a suspended rescue load along the path: access a victim in a high angle environment using techniques that require rescuers to climb up or down natural or man-made structures. 


Students will be REQUIRED to tie the required knots for the course during the class screening process which will be held during the first hour of the class. Students unable to complete the knot skills during this time will not be able to continue with the class.  

    Students with lower skill sets have restricted the learning process of entire classes, with the amount of class material and the time frame of this class, it is imperative that students arrive prepared for the course. 


Hosting agency will be required to have equipment required for the class. NO- Text Book will be provided, students should have text from Rescue – core      MAX- 24 Students 


Provided by LETS 


  • All instructor fees

  • Certificates of completion

  • Classroom props (knot ropes-webbing) Visual aids

  • Handout materials

  • Support personnel, instructors 

  • Practical Skills Sheets

  • Belay and Safety systems


This course will be registered with the Division of Fire Safety, after completion of the course, students who complete the course will be able to test for certification.

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