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LETS started providing training for smaller fire departments that were unable to acquire training from other training agencies. In February 2002, LETS provided its first training session, Propane Emergencies, to a small hosting department with a membership of 35 fire personnel. While smaller departments may not run as many calls, the potential for disaster is still there.


LETS has evolved to provide training for all sizes of emergency agencies. LETS has provided numerous courses since its inception, including Propane Emergencies Residential Tank, Propane Emergencies Bobtail, Flammable Liquids and Class B Foam, Structural Firefighting, Drug Lab Awareness, Air Monitoring and Fire Extinguishers.  From fully paid to fully volunteer, LETS remains in touch with the needs of the responders.  LETS continues to provide the most technologically advanced training available in the industry today. With the state of the art mobile fire simulators, LETS can and will provide a great learning experience for all who attend.

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