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This course pertains to NFPA 472- 2013 edition, Chapter 13 Competencies for Hazardous Materials with Cargo Tank Specialty 

This course is designed to give first responders the needed information and skills to respond safety to a MC-306 incident. While MC-306 incidents are becoming more prevalent due to the movement of fuel across the county, responders are still untrained and IL prepared. This course starts with a classroom presentation on the safety features of the MC-306 and the construction features of the cargo tank, then practical skills are developed on a rolled over MC-306. Several of the LETS instructors hold a Pro Board Cargo Tank Specialty Certification and will be utilized in this training. 


Classroom Objectives: 

  • Describe the Safety Features of the MC-306

  • Identify the construction Features of the MC-306

  • Describe the hazards of the materials being transported


Practical Skills will be performed on a Rolled MC-306 Gasoline Tanker provided for the class.

  • Cold tapping / material transfer

  • Plugging and patching / leak containment

  • Foam application

  • Dome clamp application / grounding and bonding

  • IC structure and safety operation 



  • All instructor fees

  • Certification of completion 

  • Classroom props, visual aids , videos and handouts

  • Rolled MC -306

  • Transfer equipment

  • Dome clamp, grounding and bonding materials

  • Foam application devices, training Foam

  • Plugging and patching materials


Class size limited to 24 

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