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This course pertains to NFPA 1041 Standard for Fire Service Instructor Professional Qualifications.

This course is designed to follow the guidelines of the Missouri Division of Fire safety and IFSTA Fire Service lnstructor curriculums. This course builds on the presentation skills developed from Fire lnstructor I. This course is focused on developing new lesson plans and the skills required to supervise other instructors addressing NFPA 1041 competencies at the Fire lnstructor II level. Participants develop individual lesson plans for specific topics, including learning objectives, instructional aids and evaluation instruments. Students will develop supervisory skills and learn how to coordinate the activities of other instructors. Students will be expected to take quizzes and complete a Class project, due within four months after the conclusion of the course with continued support from the instructor via phone or email.



• Lesson plan preparation

• Developing presentation skills

• Identifying lesson objectives

• Using audio/visual equipment

• Preparing training schedules

• Develop evaluation skills

• Develop supervision and management skills 

• Complete a class project

• Effective communication skills


Classes may have a maximum of 30 students (minimum student requirements established by the Division). Class contacts and locations for the courses will be determined by LETS.

Fire lnstructor II course instructors meet or exceed all relevant standards with resumes available on request.



• All instructor fees and mileage

• Certificates of completion

• Classroom for training

• Classroom videos and handout materials

• Support personnel and instructors provided by LETS

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