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This Class pertains to NFPA 1006, 2013 edition, Machinery Rescue

While Machinery incidents do not occur on a regular basis, first responders must be prepared to respond and assist in the extrication of victims as required. Large Machinery rescue is an essential part of extrication, but courses are difficult to obtain and require the acquisition of large machinery to perform rescue skills. LETS will travel to the host agency and provide the needed resources for hosting departments to develop rescue skills and techniques on large machinery, using a combination of extrication equipment (LETS provided & Host Agency provided). 

Farm equipment and large machinery provided will be relevant to geographic region and acceptable machinery for the region. 


Equipment available: 

  • Electrical driven machinery 

  • Belts and pulley systems

  • Utility tractor,

  • Hay baler 

  • Auger system

  • Grain machinery

  • Rotating machinery

  • Mowers

  • Gear and chain systems.

  • Additional equipment may be available on request


Course Objectives:        

  • Describe some common machine hazards

  • Identify significant hazards unique to a Large Machinery rescue

  • Describe patient care priorities

  • Describe anchor systems


Skill Objectives:        

  • Demonstrate machinery stabilizing large machinery

  • Demonstrate procedure for removing a victim

  • Demonstrate managing a victim caught in a machine



• All instructor fees

• Use of Large Machinery 

• Certificates of completion

• Classroom props, videos and Visual aids

• Handout materials

• Support personnel, instructors 

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