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This Class pertains to NFPA 1001, 1002 and 1142

While rural communities lack hydrants or City Water Systems firefighters are expected to extinguish fires with water. The rural water system, tanker shuttles, drafting and relay pumping supplies the needed water to fight and extinguish fires on a day to day basis. Firefighters must be well versed in the equipment and resources they have available to them in order supply water to fight rural fires. 



  • Describe various pieces of equipment used in rural water supply operations

  • Describe the purpose and operations of a relay pumping evolution

  • Describe the importance of maintaining the water level in the primary portable tank 

  • Describe the methods of water transfer in portable tanks

  • Describe the precautions to be observed when locating portable tank

  • Demonstrate the placement of portable tanks

  • Demonstrate the methods of water transfer in portable tanks

  • Demonstrate the various methods of supplying water in a rural application


• All instructor fees 

• Certificates of completion

• Classroom props, videos and Visual aids

• Handout materials

• Support personnel, instructors


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