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This course pertains to NFPA 472 Standard for Competency of Responders to Hazardous Materials/Weapons of Mass Destruction Incidents.


This 8 hour course is designed for responders who are required to refresh skills and knowledge relating to the response of a hazardous materials incident. This course will provide refresher training to all levels of responders and is fully mobile, designed to provide training to all level of responders statewide.

  1. Awareness level will recognize and identify

  2. Operations level will perform defensive actions and demonstrate decontamination       operations

  3. Technician level will perform offensive actions to control leaking materials from breached containers

Realizing different responders are trained to different levels, instructors will adjust the training to suit each responding agency who attends the refresher training. Practical skills stations will vary dependent of the level of training.


Currently it is difficult to obtain real live refresher training which is required to keep the hazardous material technician level status. NFPA 472 ( and OSHA 1910.120 (q) (8) (i) states…. Shall receive annual refreshers of sufficient content and duration to maintain competencies, or shall demonstrate competency. This course will provide the refresher training and the level of competence which is required by NFPA and OSHA.



  • Recognize and identify using placards, container shapes, test equipment, test strips, reagents and location of incidents.

  • Perform defensive actions and decon activities to support entry operations.



  • Placards

  • Decon equipment

  • Level A protective clothing

  • Rail car dome simulator and C-kit

  • One Ton Cylinder and B-Kit

  • 150 lbs Cylinder and a A-Kit

  • Piping and valve tree with leak repair materials 

  • Hazardous Material Bin Leak Simulator

  • 55 gallon leak simulator with over pack


Classes may have a maximum of 30 students Class contacts and locations for the courses will be determined by LETS.

Hazardous Materials Refresher course instructors meet or exceed all relevant standards with resumes available on request.



1. All instructor fees

2. All simulators and equipment used during training

3. PPE utilized during hands-on practical skills

4. Consumables for simulators

5. Certificates of completion

6. Mileage

7. Classroom props, videos and visual aids

8. Support personnel and instructors provided by, Local Emergency Training Specialist.

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