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This 8 hr course pertains to NFPA 1001 Standard on Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications, NFPA 1006 Standard for Technical Rescuer Professional Qualifications.  

This course is designed to provide responders with the information to stay safe while working around Tractor Trailer incidents. Tractor Trailers bring their own problems when involved in a accident. This course allows students the opportunity to work in a safe environment while developing skills for big rigs. Stabilization and lifting will be utilized during this class. Skills will be designed to work within the equipment limitations of the host area.


Class Objectives:

  • Heavy Lifting and Stabilization 

  • Antimony and Extrication 

  • Interior access

  • Patient protection and removal 

  • Types of collisions

  • Scene safety


What Class Equipment is provided:

Semi-Truck W Low boy Trailer 

2 Med/Heavy Duty Semi Trucks 

Hydraulic pump, Hydraulic spreaders,

Rescue Tec Hydraulic Pump, Tec Spreaders,

Tec Cutters, Tec Hydraulic Rams,

3 air bags with controls, cribbing,

manual hydraulic jacks 

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