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This course pertains to NFPA 1002 Standard for Driver/Operator.


The 12 hour course is intended to introduce those aspiring to operate fire pumps with the

skills and responsibilities necessary to become effective apparatus operators. In addition, this course can be used as a refresher for current operators. All course information and skill stations are based on the current NFPA standard for driver/operator and students will receive both classroom and hands-on instruction.


Students will instructed and subsequently skilled in the following areas:


• Operator responsibilities

• Vehicle/pump maintenance overview

• Basic pump theory and design

• Pump controls and devices

• Basic field friction loss options

• How to operate pumps from:

1. Tank water

2. Hydrant supply

3. Drafting

4. Relay pumping


The 12 hour format is designed for approximately 4 hours of classroom lecture and review and 8 hours of hands-on practical skills.


Hosting agencies will need to meet the following requirements:


  • Two pumping apparatus rated at 500 gpm or greater and one must be capable of drafting

  • Open area(s) where apparatus can operate from hydrant, drop tank or static source, which will allow for student safety and not impede traffic or cause water damage

  • Permission to operate and flow water from hydrants and static sources used for training purposes


Classes may have a maximum of 30 students. Class contacts and locations for the courses will be determined by LETS.


Basic Pump Operation course instructors meet or exceed all relevant standards with resumes available on request.




  • Demonstrate pump Operator responsibilities during pumping Operations

  • Demonstrate how to maintain proper water flow rates for nozzles and other pumping Operations

  • Demonstrate how to properly operate pump controls with various water sources



• All instructor fees

• Certificates of completion

• Classroom props, videos and visual aids

• Handout materials

• Mileage

• Support personnel and instructors provided by, Local Emergency Training Specialists, LLC

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