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Delivery of the Ignitable Liquids includes a classroom presentation to complete the course objectives as required. Following the classroom presentation the practical skills portion of the course is completed.

The Ignitable Liquids and Ethanol Blended Fuels Course meets the 1081 NFPA Standard. 


LETS has a large array of emergency response training equipment. During the delivery of the Ignitable Liquids and Class B Foam, LETS will use all resources needed to ensure a positive learning experience for the students, relating to Ignitable Liquids and Class B Foam. 


Hosts will be required to provide two separate water supplies, SCBA’s and PPE for all personal. A 75x75 area will be required for the live burns, clear of all hazards. Personal with facial hair coming in contact with the SCBA mask seal will NOT be allowed to participate in the practical skills.


LETS will provide the fuel to complete the needed practical skill and all consumable materials. Training foam, AFFF and AR-AFF will be provided. 

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