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This 8 hour course pertains to NFPA 1006 – 2017, edition Standard for Technical Rescuer Professional Qualifications, NFPA 402- 2014 edition Guide for Rescue and Fire-Fighting Operations- structural fire departments

5.2.6 Perform ground support operations for helicopter activities, given a rescue scenario/incident, helicopter, operational plans, personal equipment protective equipment, requisite equipment, and available specialized resources, so that rescue personnel are aware of the operatically proficiency in establishing and securing landing zones….


Establishing a helicopter landing zone is one of the most frequent responses by fire departments in Missouri. Every rural area relies on air ambulance to transport critical patients. While firefighters may have a general understanding of the setting up the zone, the realism of a helicopter fire or emergency is not prepared for.  The proper angle of approach, fuel leaks with fire, safely removing the patient and crew, all important topics, never trained on.  Unaware responders have to be trained on the hazards.


Helo firefighting operations begins with a classroom presentation describing safety features, SOP’s for the crew, hazards encountered during a incident, setting up the right landing zone with the needed PPE and firefighting equipment. 


  • Discuss the role of responders in helicopter rescue operations. 

  • Identify and describe types of helicopter landings zones.

  • Discuss the components of helicopter performance. 

  • Discuss basic helicopter safety.

  • Identify and describe the personal protective equipment used in 

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