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This course pertains to NFPA 1006 Standard on Technical Rescuer Professional Qualifications.

The purpose of this course is to introduce emergency response personnel to the problems and solutions of water rescues encountered during seasonal and flash flooding. Topics include the most common and dangerous errors in river and flood prone operations. Preplanning, equipment needs, training considerations and high to low risk operations are discussed.



• How to preplan

• Determining equipment requirements

• How to train for and practice operations

• Discussing how experience affects risk and judgment


Classes may have a maximum of 30 students. Class contacts and locations for the courses will be determined by LETS.


Water Rescue Awareness course instructors meet or exceed all relevant standards with resumes available on request.




 All instructor fees


 Use of rescue equipment


 Certificates of completion


 Classroom props and videos


 Handout materials


 Mileage


 Support personnel, instructors and rescue equipment provided by, Local Emergency  Training Specialist.

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