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This course has been approved by the Division of Fire Safety for Certification. 


The live fire Training Evolution Instructor shall have the abilities to inspect a live fire training structure or exterior prop for unsafe conditions, eliminate unsafe conditions and prepare a Safety Training plan: coordinate overall fire ground activities, ensure correct levels of safety, assign personnel, establish rehab, monitor weather conditions: coordinate the ignition of all fires, inspect fire arears and maintain and control materials being burned, supervise all ignition of fires, prepare a preburn plan and conduct a preburn briefing: inspect a gas fired training structure and all gas fired equipment and test equipment for safe operation prior to training: inspect non-gas-fired training a structure to ensure it is safe prior to training and inspect the fire grown and props to ensure it is safe prior to training.  


NO Live Fire during this Course- Only Instruction and Testing


Chapter 1 Introduction to Live Fire Training

Chapter 2 Critical Incident Planning

Chapter 3 Preparation and Training of Instructors

Chapter 4 Fire Fighter Physiology

Chapter 5 Planning for Live Fire Training

Chapter 6 Acquired Structures

Chapter 7 Gas-Fired and Non-Gas-Fired Structures

Chapter 8 Non-Structural Props

Chapter 9 Live Fire Evolutions

Appendix A NFPA 1403 Standard on Live Fire Training Evolutions

Appendix B NFPA 1403 Standard on Live Fire Training Evolutions Correlation Guide

Appendix C Model SOP for Acquired Structures

Appendix D Model SOP for Permanent Props

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DAY 2 - Practical skill portion, Set up a Live Burn scenario, Coach Instructors on instruction of students during a Live Burn, Complete Requirements of 1403. Review and preform practical skill a required for class delivery. 

1403 Requirements for Live Burn Training instructors meet or exceed all relevant standards with resumes available on request and are provided by our training partnership with Lets.


Classes may have a maximum of 24 students. Class contacts and locations will be determined by the Division of Fire Safety.


    All instructor fees and Evaluators 

    Use of the Structural Firefighting Trailer

    Use of Exterior Fire Prop


    Classroom visual aids, videos and handouts

    Navigate (J & B) & Textbook for students to keep

    Practical Skills Testing is included in this course.


The cost of the text book is included in the cost of the course. We feel that it is essential to give the student reference materials to be utilized during any Live Fire Training that they are involved with.

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