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Driver / Operator Core Competencies 

Driver / Operator- Pumper 

Driver / Operator – Aerial 

Driver / Operator – Mobile Water Supply Apparatus 


Individuals must successfully complete approved and registered courses to be eligible to take the skills testing exam at these levels.


This course is designed for students who have successfully completed a Division of Fire Safety approved course and are ready for the practical skills testing process required for certification. This program addresses objectives found in NFPA 1002- 2014 edition. Our evaluators will travel across the State to the course site and perform the required practical skills testing per the Division's testing procedures. The evaluators utilized by LETS will not instruct the Driver Operator program and will provide an objective skills testing process Only Division of Fire Safety approved and certified lead and assisting evaluators will administer the practical skills exam.



  • All Evaluator fees

  • Evaluator+ Expenses and Mileage 

  • Equipment utilized during testing provided by host agency

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