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This course pertains to the objectives found in NFPA 1001 Standard on Firefighter 

Professional Qualifications. 

The Live Fire Testing is designed for students enrolled in a Missouri Division of Fire Safety

registered Firefighter I & II program. The program is designed to allow firefighters and fire departments with limited resources to obtain certification. Some fire departments may lack adequate resources to perform the Live Fire Testing.


Objectives within this course are in Firefighter I & II Live Fire Skills Testing. Lead instructors must verify students have completed the class portion of the course needed to comply with NFPA 1403.


LETS Instructors will travel to the course site and perform the described Live Fire Testing for

students enrolled in the Firefighter I & II program. This program contains the interior attack within a structure, passenger vehicle fire, exterior ignitable liquid fire, exterior combustibles, exterior storage container, wildland fire and the flammable gas cylinder fire. Approved lead evaluators, along with additional assisting evaluators, will be present to observe the live burn exercises and determine successful completion of the required skills as specified in the student's practical skills book.




  •  Live fire structural firefighting simulator

  •  Live fire passenger vehicle simulator

  •  Live fire flammable gas cylinder simulator

  •  Live fire exterior storage container simulator

  •  Live fire exterior combustible simulator

  •  Live fire exterior ignitable liquid simulator


Local Emergency Training Specialists, LLC understand the Division of Fire Safety's expectations and requirements for Live Fire Testing. We will work closely with the Division to ensure the testing process follows all required procedures to ensure students are eligible for certification.


Classes may have a maximum of 30 students (minimum student requirements established by the Division). Class contacts and locations for the courses will be determined by LETS with approval from the Division of Fire Safety.


Alternative Compliance Burn instructors and evaluators meet or exceed all relevant standards with resumes available upon request.




• Use of all prior listed equipment and simulators

• Propane

• Class B fuel

• Class B foam

• Mileage

• All instructor and evaluator fees

• Support personnel and instructors provided by Local Emergency Training Specialists

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